After sales service plan
1 field technical service
1.1 the purpose of our on-site service personnel is to make the equipment safe and normal operation. We intend to deploy technical backbone and service experts to form a special on-site service team, directly into the project site to carry out a comprehensive pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.
Provide on-site service plan including the number of service personnel at the tender stage. If the number of months can not meet the needs of the project, we add the number of months, and no costs.
1.2 our field service personnel have the following qualifications:
To comply with the law, abide by the rules and regulations. Have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, on time. Familiar with the contract equipment design, familiar with the structure, have the same or similar work experience in the field of the unit, the right to conduct on-site guidance. Good health, adapt to the conditions of field work. I submit to the tender side of the service staff of the table (not limited to personnel in the form), we can replace the unqualified on-site service personnel
1.3 the tasks of our field service personnel include equipment expediting, inspection of goods out of the box, handling of equipment quality problems, guidance of installation and commissioning, commissioning and acceptance test.
1.4 in the installation and debugging, our technical service personnel to the tender side technical tests, procedures and methods of explanation and demonstration will be carried out, for the important process, our technical staff to confirm the visa and the construction situation, otherwise the tender side can not be the next process. We take full responsibility for any problems arising from the process of our confirmation and the visa, as a result of our technical service personnel.
1.5 our field service personnel have the right to handle all technical and commercial problems on site. In case of quality problems on site, our site personnel should be dealt with within the time limit prescribed by the tenderee. If we entrust the bidding party to handle the situation, our field service personnel should have the power of attorney and bear the corresponding economic responsibility.
1.6 we take full responsibility for all acts of the site service personnel.
1.7 the normal arrival and departure of our field service personnel prior to consultation with the tenderee.
1.8 when the equipment fails, within 2 hours after receiving the written request of the tenderee, the service personnel arrive at the service site within 6 hours.
2 training
2.1 to ensure that the contract equipment can be installed and run normally, we have the responsibility to provide appropriate technical training. Training content should be consistent with the progress of the project. After the contract is signed, we provide technical training to the tenderee to train the maintenance personnel and operators. We provide the necessary technical information for the party to be trained.
2.2 the training plan and contents are listed in the tender documents.
2.3 training time, number, location and other specific content agreed by both parties.
2.4 we provide training facilities, training grounds and facilities for the tenderee, and provide convenient accommodation and transportation.
3 design liaison
The plan, time, place and content of the design liaison shall be agreed upon by both parties.