Corporate values:
Customer satisfaction: identify customer needs, value, respect and care for customers.
Respect for individuals: open and honest communication, always fair treatment, mutual trust, mutual support, accept different things.
Sense of achievement: a common vision and goals, a sense of responsibility, the determination to win, praise.
Constant learning: innovation and courage, support for development, tolerance of failure, never complacent, open mind.
Business purpose:
Create wealth and contribute to society.
Produce the highest quality products at the lowest cost.
Responsible for the customer, the customer is god.
The next procedure is the user of the previous procedure. In each process to create quality, all for customer service.
Eliminate unnecessary redundancy.
Pay attention to the ideological work of employees.
When you find a problem, you should consider how to deal with it, not the person who is responsible.
Management idea:
To the customer - the customer is supreme, the service is supreme;
On the staff - people-oriented;
The production of - to streamline the means to pursue low-cost;
On the product - zero defect as the ultimate goal, the pursuit of high quality.
Rooted in local social activities to contribute to local economic and social development.
In order to carry out business relations as the fundamental, committed to the research and creation of each other to achieve long-term stable development and coexistence and common prosperity.
Enterprise principle:
Let the company and social development, so that individuals and social progress.

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